What you will find here is a collection of shell scripts, python scripts and little C programs which make my life easier. Maybe you can benefit, too, maybe not. I am not proud of these toys, many are neither documented nor bug-free. Coding style varies between sluggish and freakish. But they suit my needs. I will eventually clean them up a bit, but don't count on it. This is work in progress. Help yourselves.

All work herein is GPL'ed.

Program description txt .gz
findscsi find a SCSI device belonging to a category, e.g. CD-ROM, ... txt .gz
gentoc generate a cdrdao-TOC file from given files txt .gz
mp32cdr decode a MP3 to cdr format (bigendian signed 16bit words). Needs mpg123. txt .gz
mp3rename rename a MP3 according to ID3 taginfo. Needs mp3info. txt .gz
mp3tagname interactively tag and rename MP3 files. Needs mp3info. txt .gz
numgen generate a range of numbers - useful for other scripts. You can use GNU seq for the same task, if you have it. txt .gz
rcmp recursively compare two directories txt .gz
rejpeg try to save disc space by re-coding JPEGs with quality set to 80 txt .gz
truncate.c [in C] truncate file at a given point, may be relative to file's end and can be specified in CDDA seconds txt .gz
swapbyteorder.c [in C] copy stdin to stdout while swapping the byteorder and padding the data to a multiple of 2352 txt .gz a [python] MP3 tageditor with which you can automate tagging txt .gz a [python] MP3 sorter for bringing your albums in sequence. Currently "eats" cddb-html pages (save them from your browser) and raw, one title per line, input via stdin. txt .gz

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