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Enigmail works

4 Dec 04

I finally got EnigMail working with native Mozilla on NetBSD/i386 -current (latest Mozilla 1.5.1 from pkgsrc with enigmail 0.82.2). I uploaded the XPI files here. To install the XPI files, run Mozilla as root, open the directory that contains the three XPI files in the browser and click on the files to install them, in the following order: The IPC module, the enigmime package and finally the enigmail package. Finally start Mozilla and configure enigmail as mentioned on the EnigMail website.

NetBSD 1.6 book

30 Jan 03

As mentioned on the german publisher C&L has made available a book on NetBSD 1.6. The book covers NetBSD installation (i386, macppc and others), user administration, updating the system, kernel tuning, configuring the rc.d startup system, package management using pkg_install and the pkgsrc tree, configuring the X window system and using NetBSD in a networked environment (IPv4/6, DNS, NFS/NIS, FTP, Samba and the like).

LKM Howto

27 Nov 02

I wrote a short introduction to NetBSD loadable kernel modules, it can be found here.

What BSD gives to the world

28 Sep 02

Today I read an interesting article on BSD and what it gave (and still gives) to the world, you can find it here, this is probably the best article about BSD, Unix and Linux, I ever read. Also the changes to du(1) have been commited to NetBSD-current, so we'll get the long awaited feature with 1.7 ;-).

NetBSD 1.6

9 Sep 02

NetBSD 1.6 is finally at RELEASE.

BSD multimedia

6 Sep 02

Today I read a very interesting article on how to turn your BSD box into a powerful multimedia workstation. Although it was written with FreeBSD in mind, it might also be useful to read for a NetBSD user interested in enjoying multimedia on its NetBSD machine.
The September Issue of Daemon News on-line E-zine includes a small Q&A guide on how to properly partition a disk for NetBSD written by Grey Wolf.

NetBSD 1.6RC3

4 Sep 02

NetBSD 1.6 Release Candidate 3 available. Interesting article at Taking MicroBSD for a test run (MicroBSD aims to be a hardened OpenBSD derivate). And finally agc explaining changes to pkgsrc in August 2002.

IRIX Binary Compatibility

29 Aug 02

Emmanuel Dreyfus published the second part of IRIX Binary Compatibility with NetBSD.