Welcome to the S1500 WWW pages !

Y2k compliance information for the 1500 series is available from HP, Y2k fixes can be obtained from CSI (Computing System Innovations).

picture of a 1520 As far as I know, this is the only information on the S1500 Unix servers that is available online. These pages are still under construction; I intend to add more information soon !

TI's 1500 series was a relatively successful range of 68020/030/040-based multi- and singleprocessor systems that ran TI System V, an AT&T SVR3.2 derivate. All 1500's are based on TI's NuBus bus system that is also used on the Apple Macintosh II series and NeXT systems (both 680x0-based).

On the left you see a picture of the typical 1500 system unit. Disks and other peripherals are put in external cases.