Fuloong 2f

Machine: Lemote Fuloong 2f.
See: Lemote Website

10.07.2009: Some results from nbench (an old benchmark), it's always the same machine:
17.07.2009: Some Comments regarding common Lemote (mis-)informations:

For now (17.Jul.2009) I am cross compiling (x86->mips) a Loongson/N32-optimized Gentoo via some Cross compiling environment. There are many Packages which have to be hand tuned. This will take a while.

18.Jul.2009: Gave up cross compiling in favour of distcc. I didn't get it, with cross compiling so many packages fail. Maybe some day I build my crossdev from scratch...

To build all gentoo world packages to binary packages, not building already existing ones:
cd /var/db/pkg
for i in */*; do echo $i; done | while read package; do test -f /usr/portage/packages/$package.tbz2 || nice -n 19 quickpkg --include-config=y =$package; done

07.Sep.2009: My Fuloong now is fully passive cooled :-) One 450g eCu (copper) block transfers the heat of the loongson CPU and the SIS 315PRO / XGI Volari V2 GPU to the Aluminium Case. After compiling the whole morning, Copper Temp is ~37°C and Case Temp is ~32°C. Pictures will follow...
btw: One of the actively cooled high-energy Chips is labeled XGI Volari V2. I think this is the PCI id 3030:3030 / SiS 312PRO, i.e. the GPU: This GPU consumes much power, there's 32MB dedicated VRAM, but there's no 3D driver. There's only a closed Source 3D driver for Windows. But this is a MIPS machine not able to run Windows. WTF the Lemote developers thought while designing the fuloong 2F? Any Ideas?

29.11.2012: The Fuloong is now running as my home server for more than 2 Years. And it's running fine!
I'm using Linux VServer (Patched the Kernel by my own). Several Virtual Machines for miscellaneous functions: One for the Groupware (Kolab, Postfix, Horde, Squirrelmail, Cyrus Imap, etc.). One for a mumble server and its web interface. One for my internal file server.
Maybe slower than a big Opteron or Xeon system, but for me it's ok.

to be continued

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