Accton Pocket Ethernet and Linux

Some notebooks do not supply a PCMCIA port and so one has to use other methods to connect them to a LAN. I use a pocket ethernet adapter connected to the parallel port for this. It gives quite well performance, i.e. approximately 110 kBytes/sec. As far as I know there are currently four pocket ethernet drivers available: The appropriate control of the parallel port and adapter seems to be quite difficult. The timing of the parallel port can be unpredictable and for most adapters no documentation is freely available. Most of the drivers are based on disassembled DOS drivers.
The Accton driver is based on the official assembler sources from Accton which were kindly donated from Accton to the first developers of the Linux driver. First versions of the drivers were written for the Linux 1.x.x kernels and had to be adapted to 2.0.*. Michael Engel did this and fixed some bugs with it. There are still some problems persisting: But it works perfectly well!
We, i.e. Michael and me, will try to clen up the code, fix the bugs and integrate the driver into the kernel mainstream source. As long as it is not included you can download the current driver for 2.0.* kernels from our FTP server.
A new version for 2.1.* kernels is ready! You can download it here. The Accton Adapter (EN2209) was also sold by the german computer store Vobis as EtherPocket. For more information on the adapter itself you may want to look directly at the Accton WWWW server.
Currently I have discovered a small glitch in the 2.1.* driver that causes the interface's statistics displayed with ifconfig beeing completely wrong! I will work on this soon...