Home of FreeVT

Copyright 1994/1995/1996 by Nils Faerber

FreeVT is a VT100 emulation software package for the Psion Series 3a handheld computers. It is completely free, i.e. protected under the terms of the GNU Public License (GPL). It comes with no warrenty but full sources (OPL). Everyone is invited to join the development team and to improve the package. New releases will be announced in the newsgroup comp.sys.psion and later published in comp.binaries.psion. The latest version can always be found at ftp://ftp.unix-ag.uni-siegen.de/pub/psion/freevt*.zip (filename is subject to change :-)
If you want to join the team, you can subscribe to the developer mailinglist at majordomo@vespa.unix-ag.uni-siegen.de, no (or any) subject-line and body "subscribe ml-freevt". An archive of our mailinglist can be found at ftp://ftp.unix-ag.uni-siegen.de/pub/psion/FreeVT/ml-freevt.gz
Current working areas include (among others): We are currently running out of control with program versions and are looking for some means of a version management system and development tools that let us break up the source in parts. If you could help us with this, please contact me!

New Linux P3NFS with VT100!

The new version V4.3 of P3NFS from some guys from university of Erlangen has all features one could ever want! VT100 and VT220, filetransfer using X-/Y-Modem and fileserver functions. If you just want a good VT100 emulation, have a look at it! You can get the gzipped and tarred version or a simple ZIP file.