=$minanz and anzahl<=$maxanz) and ((rhoo>=$minrho or rhoo=-1) and ($maxrho=-1 or rhou<=$maxrho))) order by anzahl,rhou"; #print "$cmd
\n"; else: $cmd = "select * from MOV where (anzahl>=$minanz and anzahl<=$maxanz) order by anzahl,rhou"; endif; if ($result = mysql_db_query($dbname,$cmd,$con)): ?> "; #$rhoo="inf"; endif; MOVTableline2($bg,$id,$anzahl,$M,$O,$V,$type,$rhou,$rhoo,$prttype); endwhile; ?>
\n"; print "Here you can get the table in latex. Use Save As.
"; else: print "

No result!

\n"; endif; else: print "

Konnte Datenbank nicht öffnen

\n"; endif; else: endif; ?>


Number of spheres\n"; print "\n"; ?>
Bounds for the parameter (optional)minmax

compare your own packing with those of the database