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History of development

13. 02. 2002 No negative Numbers in Total/Day column and the possibility to decrease the number of shown rows
14. 02. 2002 Average tourns per day value added
08. 03. 2002 Reinstallation of the Database. Data of 6-8.3.2002 is aproximative.
29. 09. 2002 Added the possibility to choose TMs which are shown in the list.
01. 02. 2003 tms4.php3 has become much faster, because the data for the columns is only transmitted once.
11. 02. 2004 tms2.php3 shows only currently active TMs and all others only if explicitly wanted. In case of only active or explicitly choosen TMs, the colmns are sorted alphabetically.
08. 09. 2004 Added the ability to sort by number of managed tourns to tms4.php3

Links to chessrelated Homepages or Websites of other TMs

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