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BZFLAG - Map - Experiments (1.7g2)

Home of bmcclt - the bzflag map creators command line tools:

Currently I code some command line tools to create some special objects for bzflag maps. At this moment this includes a tree, a bridge with piers, and a tunnel.

You can place these objects whereever you want -- all rotation and translation is done automagically.

  # bzmapbridge 50,0,0 100,50,0  10  3
This command will create the map data of a bridge from x=50,y=0,z=0 (roadlevel) to point x=100,y=50,z=0 with 3 pier pairs, with a road width of 10. This example bridge has an angle of 45° degree.
There's no need for you to calculate the rotation parameters - every two points on the same level will work!

I've started a project on sourceforge. I'll place the downloads there...
Newest version: 20031029 !
(bugfix in bzmapwall making it possible to place a wall above ground. found a bug in medievalWall: when the wall is at the wrong place, exchange P1 and P2!

There's also a new demo map: bmcclt03.zip
Try it locally, to see what is possible. The shell script I used to create the map is in the bmcclt archive, "demo/scene03.sh".

Objects you can create in this version:
tree, bridge, tunnel, minefield (V 1), simple wall, block pyramid.
All tools have command line help, -h., --help, -?.

Screenshots (taken from this map: scene02.map, scene02.map.gz):

box land, forest, river.

bridge over the river, to pyramid.

some trees and tunnels.

tunnel zone.

New: a medieval wall.

The blue area that looks like water is a minefield.
Drive into it, and the one that shoots you is happy :-)

A new toy of the upcoming version 4: bzmap_text:

Rewritten text renderer:

First version:

The "older" stuff:

(*.py = Python2.2 source, *.map = map in text format)

All this is experimental stuff. Use it, if you want to.

bridge_park_tunnel02.py, tunnel1.map: A tunnel to be placed by defining two coordinates in the map.

This first tunnel class has three elements. So a tunnel in the air will have no ground (-> next version).

There's a screenshot, showing some trees and a random placed tunnel: tunnel1.png.

The linked demo map has 100 trees, some small bridges, some random tunnels, and a corner tunnel with a mirror.

I've got to code a parser that lets someone use the elements in way like this:
  genMap -f myworld.mdf -o myworld.map

Wait some days... :-)

bridge_park01.py, bridge_park01.map: Several trees and a generic bridge class.
Screenshots: bridge_park01.png, park9b.png .
I define the bridges by telling a class the start and end point. Rotation is done automagically. It is possible to set up the width (10) and the number of bridge piers (length / 40).

park.py, park1.map: Trees of different size and form.
Screenshot: Dawn at 0° longitude, 2003, October 10th.

spiral1.py, spiral1.map: A spiral and two teleporters.

pool1.map: A pool with water. Make two, symmetrical, one with pyramids under water. = TRAP! :)

Setup / Starting a test server:

How to call the local test server:
bzfs -pf -r -h -mp 40 -ms 1 +r -j +s 20 -sa -st 30 -sw 1 -ttl 8 -g -world spiral1.map

Lcoal configuration in bzflag/options:
Server: localhost
Port: 5156

Setting options in config file ~/.bzflag.<hostname> (geographic coordinates):
latitude                        51.000000
longitude                       -8.000000

Die Seiten unterhalb von http://www.home.unix-ag.org/tjabo/ wurden von mir, Tjabo Kloppenburg, erstellt.
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