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scripToys - my collection of shell scripts, python hacks and C progs which make my (MP3-) life easier. scripToys
Python homepage python
LAME is not MP3 encoder - IMHO the best free MP3 encoder out there, much better than all other ISO-based encoders lame
cdparanoia homepage cdparanoia
tosha - a DAE tool which works on FreeBSD, Toshiba drives only tosha
cdrdao - DAO (Disc At Once) mode CD writing software cdrdao
alternate cursesmodule, use the patched version on the download page! cursesmodule
xtermset - control (running!) xterm properties via command line xtermset
JeFCo - the Jesterware FreeDB Collector, created to be the solution of all your cddb problems. Jesterware

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