Compaq Contura 4/25c

Somtime ago I decided it would be time for me to have a notebook with Linux on it to carry around and continue my work. The cheapest usable one I could get was the Compaq Contura 4/25c.

Technical Data

The most difficult thing was to get XFree running with the AVGA chipset. After long searches I found that Hans de Oey once wrote a driver for it but does not maintain it anymore. It is still in the XFree link-kit but is not part of the XFree SVGA server binary.
So in order to get it running I had to get the link-kit and compile a server for my own. And since I had to this I only included this one driver because I will never be able to change the builtin card ;) The server got somewhat smaller by that.
Next I did a quick and dirty XF86Config and by chance I was lucky: It worked!
For all other Compaq users here are the files