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Welcome to the sphere packing database

This database has been created during my work at the DFG-project "Microcluster" of Prof. J.M. Wills since November 1999. Our research concentrates on the investigation of sphere packings under use of parametric density introduced by Betke, Henk and Wills in 1994.

The database contains the densest sphere packings due to parametric density we have calculated. Especially we have considered packings in the face-centered-cubic lattice (fcc) with densest and second densest facets (Groemer-packings). But also non-lattice packings are included in the database, e.g. some Lennard-Jones clusters (see also Cambridge Cluster Database and Birmingham Cluster Web).

To use this database you should start on the search-site . There you can enter characteristica for the packings you are interested in. After you have pressed the submit button, a list or packings which match your criteria will be presented. If you click on the ID of the packing, you will be lead to further information on this special packing and some pictures. The usage is in detail described here.

If you have any suggestions or problems with the database, feel free to contact me. I'm especially interested in packings of which you think, that it is useful to calculate their parametric density and to compare them to those in the database.

At last I want to thank Prof. Wills, Dr. Achill Schürmann and Priv. Doz. Dr. Uwe Schnell for their help and useful suggestions to my work on this project and the Unix-Ag especially Tjabo Kloppenburg for help and ideas to php3, perl and other Unix-stuff.

I hope you get the information you are interested in...
Peter Scholl (
(last modified: 29.10.2001)