Page Curl Plugin for the GIMP

Pagecurl-0.99 is a port from the Pagecurl Plugin for Gimp 0.54 by Federico Mena Quintero. It "lifts" up a layer and adds a nice curl:

before after a golden pagecurl...

I consider this plugin as stable. Some features should be added - but this needs time... :-)

Version 0.9 is out! Now it is possible to map the current gradient to the back of the curl. The right image is an example with the "Golden" Gradient.

To reflect the new possibilities i had to change the PDB-Interface. It now returns the ID of the newly created layer and accepts an additional Parameter to select the mode.

OK. Here is the code pagecurl0.9.tgz.

Any suggestions (or bugfixes!!!! :-) to Simon Budig

Have Fun.

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