Quantize Color Plugin for the GIMP

My first plugin for the Gimp is a port from a plug-in for Gimp 0.54, quant.c. The plug-in is building a color map with a given Number of colors and changes the colors in the image to the new color-map.

The difference to the <Image>/Indexed Gimp-builtin is the algorithm. With few colors the results are much better. The Author of the original plug-in, Matthias Clasen, made a comparison - unfortunately no longer available on the Web. I will do my own, when there is some time over... :-)

The algorithm is (nearly) untouched. I just ported the plug-in interface. I finally changed it to use the tile-based architecture of the Gimp - it is now four times faster :-)

OK. Here is the code quant.c.

Any suggestions to Simon Budig

Have Fun.

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