lcd-downsample: Scale images down for LC-displays

You may have heard of ClearType, a method to increase the text-readibility on LC-displays. I was a little bit disappointed, since it is barely more than normal antialiasing.

So I implemented a small script-fu for the Gimp to use the other extreme: Simply treat every subpixel of an LC-pixel for its own. This results in some colorful borders but I think the results are interesting to see.

This script assumes an LC-Display with subpixels in RGB-Order from left to the right.

I hope the script is handy. Any suggestions and problems to me.

Grab the Script-Fu script: lcd-downscale.scm

Some images comparing "classic" downscaling vs. lcd-downscaling. Note that this should be viewed on LC-Displays, the quality on CRT-Monitors may be worse.

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