Presenting programs with Gromit

Welcome to the homepage of Gromit (GRaphics Over MIscellaneous Things). Gromit enables you to make annotations on your screen.

When making presentations of the Gimp I found myself often moving the mousepointer around the point of interest until hopefully everybody noticed it. This annoyed me, since it is a very vague way to highlight something. I dreamed of a small programm which allows me to simply draw on the screen, ignoring any window-borders.

Gromit is a first implementation of this program.

Gromit is XInput-Aware (see the XInput-Howto). So if you have a graphics tablet you can (depending on its capabilities with XFree86) draw lines with different strength and erase things with the other side of your pen.

You can configure multiple XInput-Devices - it is easy to use one pen with a red ink and another Pen with blue ink. The Syntax of the configuration language and additional useage information is described in the README.


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