Originally drewn by Larry Ewing ( (with the GIMP) the Linux Logo has been vectorized by me (Simon Budig,

This happened quite some time ago with Corel Draw 4. But luckily meanwhile there are tools available to handle vector graphics with Linux. Bernhard Herzog ( deserves kudos for creating Sketch (, a powerful free tool for creating vector graphics. He converted the Corel Draw file to the Sketch native format. Since I am unable to maintain the Corel Draw file any longer, the Sketch version now is the "official" one.

Anja Gerwinski ( has created an alternate version of the penguin ( with a thinner mouth line and slightly altered highlights. The sketch and SVG version also feature a nifty drop shadow.

The third bird ( is a version reduced to three colors (black/white/yellow) for e.g. silk screen printing. I made this version for a mug, available at the friendly folks at – they do good stuff, mail Petra ( if you need something special or don't understand the german :-)

These drawings are copyrighted by Larry Ewing and Simon Budig ( also by Anja Gerwinski), redistribution is free but has to include this README/Copyright notice.

–––> Grab them all in a single handy package! <–––

Andrew Jorgensen created a Windows MetaFile of the penguin for the use with OpenOffice. It is available here.

The use of these drawings is free. However I am happy about a sample of your mug/t-shirt/whatever with this penguin on it...

Have fun
        Simon Budig

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