A Concept for a Color-Selector

This is a compileable code-snippet for a Color-Selector. It is not a plugin for the Gimp, there is no Way to export the selected color, it is just some sort of "eye-candy". Of course I work toward a plugin and I would be happy if someone includes it in Gimp/Gtk, but for now it's just a concept...

How it works should be clear from the Screen-shots below. Some features are:

  • The triangle points to the selected hue (maybe confusing, but I like it...)
  • The two points which indicate the selected color are black or white, according to the grey-level of the color below
  • Updates very quick for Saturation/Value changes. Hue changes are a bit slower, because the complete inner triangle has to be updated.
The Code is currently not well documented, some comments are in german, but I am willing to answer questions about it.

Some Screenshots (in jpeg-format, they are a little bit unsharp...):

Green Blue Brown

OK. Here is the code colorsel.c.

Any suggestions (or bugfixes!!!! :-) to Simon Budig

Have Fun.

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