Warp-sharp - make images sharper by deforming them

Sharpening images with traditional methods increases the amount of noise in the image. This script implements a method to sharpen images described by Joern Loviscach in the german computer magazine c't, 22/1999.

Basically it "squeezes" unsharp edges. This method is a simplified Version of an algorithm by Nur Arad and Craig Gotsman: "Enhancement by Image-Dependent Warping", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 1999, Vol. 8, No. 8, S. 1063

New - updated for Gimp 2.2x

I hope the script is handy. Any suggestions and problems to me.

Grab the Script-Fu script: warp-sharp.scm

(the ancient version for Gimp 1.0 and 1.2 are warp-sharp-1.1.scm or the Perl-Fu version: warp-sharp.pl by Peter Daum.)

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